The Cloudbook is a subjective atlas of the Hungarian Bódva Valley, one of the poorest areas of Europe. In particular it is a subjective atlas of the clouds flying over Bódva Creek. Each day, for one month, the first-year pupils of the local elementary school at Bódvaszilas, had watched the sky and drew the most beautiful clouds they saw – or what they wished to see. 17 lively kids, 17 perspectives, 17 notebooks, and 500 drawings. Or slightly less, as some chose to play football instead. Four Hungarian contemporary writers created small tales as illustrations to the graphic diaries, and young photographers, graphic designers, architects and sociologists from the Moholy-Nagy University have rolled all into one. This is a real book, it has a beginning, a middle and an end. It has content and meaning.

Producer: MOME Ecolab
Photos: Nikolett Kustos
About the project:

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